Transformational Giving

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

Nelson Mandela

Creating Long-Term, Positive Systemic Change

Our Literacy and Girls’ Education Programs are having significant impact in the communities that we serve. We have launched the next phase of growth in order to reach five million more children over the next five years ─ 15 million children by 2020. With your support, we have the potential to vastly expand our impact over the next five years and scale faster to transform communities across the globe.

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Lead a Reader: Invest in Literacy

Children who have a strong foundation of literacy skills are more likely to succeed throughout their education, break the cycle of poverty, and be better equipped to realize their full potential. Unfortunately, in parts of the world where we work, insufficient teacher training, lack of quality reading materials, and poor learning environments severely impede students’ literacy development. Research shows that if children fail to develop basic reading and writing skills by the third grade, they will never catch up. With such a narrow window of opportunity, it is essential that we reach as many students as we can every single year.

By investing in our Literacy Program through a Lead a Reader sponsorship, you can ensure children across Asia and Africa have the support and resources they need to develop strong literacy skills and a lifelong habit of reading. Help us reach hundreds of children with our life-changing program.

Lead a Reader