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Unlocking talent: Meet Naifat from She Creates Change

February 21, 2024

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Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives and open doors to new opportunities. For Naifat, a young girl from Tanzania facing the challenges of growing up in a family with separated parents, the journey of self-discovery and empowerment began when she crossed paths with Room to Read social mobilizer Tafatia. With support from Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program, Naifat learned to recognize her worth and find confidence in her talent.  

Naifat: A story about dignity 

Naifat was a quiet child. She only spoke when asked to. She didn't have many friends. Her parents often fought and the conflict at home was hard for her to navigate. When her parents finally separated, she struggled with complex emotions, and experienced low self-esteem. To find solace, she turned to music.

In 2020, Naifat joined Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program at her school. During a life skills lesson, her social mobilizer Tafatia, a woman mentor from the local community, led a lesson called, "Who am I," with discussions on key skills like leadership, perseverance, critical thinking and decision making. During the lesson, Tafatia asked the girls to answer the question: "what do you want to be?" Naifat watched her classmates jump with excitement as they listed a number of different professions, from teacher to doctor to politician. Naifat remained quiet. "No one had asked me such a question," she reflected. "But in asking it," she continued, "my teacher handed me a key."

At home that night, Naifat put on her headphones and pondered the question again. "I want to be a singer!" she realized. "I want to sing!"

Before building life skills, Naifat never thought she would be brave enough to sing in front of an audience. But when the opportunity arose to sing at a wedding in her community, she was determined to try. With courage and budding confidence, she took to the stage, pushing past her fears and finding pride in her voice. 

Naifat now dreams of becoming a singer and businesswoman, using her social media skills to promote her talents and build a brand. She plans to further develop her talent by pursuing a music specialization in university.





Naifat is one of remarkable changemakers featured in Room to Read's She Creates Change, the first nonprofit-led animation and live action film series to promote gender equality through the stories of young women around the world. The films feature the narratives of six courageous young women — Naifat among them — from historically low-income communities in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam, and profile how each girl confronts challenges unique to her life, like harassment, food scarcity or early marriage, by advocating for herself and her future.  

The She Creates Change film series aims to reach all 432 million adolescent girls globally with content and educational curriculum that supports them in creating change in their communities. 



A donation of $1 a day, or $30 a month, can create change for girls like Naifat, providing the support they need to develop resilience and break free from insecurity and doubt. 


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