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Show and Tell: A Colorful Learning Environment in Vietnam

December 06, 2013

Literacy Asia Vietnam

This post is part of the ongoing series, Show and Tell, where we bring you photos and stories collected by Room to Read team members on the road.


After a library is established, Room to Read provides ongoing support for three years, which includes trainings and regular monitoring to ensure the library's long-term sustainability in a community. Have a look inside this lively and colorful school library in Vietnam.



Students act out the story of one of Room to Read's published titles.

Each book in the library is color-coded according to reading level. That way, students can find books the most appropriate for their reading skill.

Librarians and staff look on as students find grade-appropriate books to read.

These boys take advantage of the colorful, child-friendly furniture during reading time.

Each grade is assigned a straw color. Straws are counted daily in order to measure and track library attendance.

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