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Guest Blogger: How Opening Tabs for a Cause Launched a Library in Vietnam

February 17, 2016

Literacy Partners Asia Vietnam

Our friends at Gladly share the fun student contest we partnered on--all for a cause.

Recently, Gladly was proud to partner with Room to Read and its #ThankstoEducation initiative to run our biggest Tab for a Cause campaign of all time: the Back to School Charity Challenge. Over 500 middle and high schools around the world competed to see who could open the most tabs for charity, with several rounds reducing the field until only 20 remained in the final sprint to the finish line.

The Raffles Girls School of Singapore grew its team to over 700 students and although there was fierce competition they came out on top. For first prize, Gladly sponsored the establishment of a library at a primary school in the Tien Giang region of Vietnam that was in need of quality children's books.

Construction of the library, established in the Raffles Girls School's name, has been completed and over 900 books were just delivered to fill the shelves.

Second and third places went to the San Francisco Friends School and the Chinese International School, respectively. Through Tab for a Cause, both schools will be providing a total of 350 books to other Room to Read partner schools in need of quality reading materials.

During the month of the contest, over 35 million tabs were opened using the Tab for a Cause extension, providing thousands of dollars to our partner charities who benefit each time a tab is opened. The hundreds of thousands of students who joined in to support their schools were able to turn every one of their tabs into a positive impact on the world. There may have been only three prizes, but thanks to the efforts and enthusiasm of all who participated, charities like Room to Read were the real winners.

We hope everyone will continue to engage and support Room to Read’s work. An estimated 800 million people in this world are illiterate, most of them women. The only way we can address the poverty and gender inequality is by educating all the world’s children. Although Room to Read has made incredible progress there is still so much to do.

Thanks to all who made the Back to School Charity Challenge such a success!

-The team at Gladly